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Modification and Enforcement

Generally, in the world of divorce and family matters, nothing is written in stone. Issues may occur after a divorce is final. These type of issues are commonly known as post-marital matters. Such post-marital matters may include issues like modification of child support, modification of alimony (upward or downward modifications), visitation modifications, or custody modifications.

Additionally, sometimes even when you believe a matter is settled, there are issues enforcing the agreement you made. For example, your former spouse refuses to give you the assets you were entitled to; you stop receiving your child support or alimony; your child is not returned from their visitation, your former spouse defaults on part or all of your agreement. What do you do to enforce the agreement?

For post-marital modifications or enforcement proceedings, it is imperative that you contact an experience divorce and family lawyer, such as The Law Firm of Jeffrey Hap as soon as possible. The longer you wait, the more you may jeopardize your ability to modify or enforce your agreement.

The Law Offices of Randy Kaye Garvey, P.A. can help you with these and other issues (within our areas of practice) that you may have.