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Child Support

Both during a divorce action, and after the divorce is resolved, both parents are responsible for supporting their children. This may either be through physical custody or financial support, commonly known as Child Support. In Florida, Child Support is based on a unique formula that incorporates the income of both parents, as well a number of other important factors. The goal of the Law Firm of Jeffrey Hap is to ensure that you are obligated to pay the proper amount of Child Support by relying on all of the facts of your particular matter.

Unfortunately, determining the proper amount of child support is not always a simple matter. For example, discovering the income of a self-employed spouse, where that spouse may try and disguise personal income as business expenses is absolutely necessary if you are to insure the proper amount of child support paid. Alternately, we may ask the Court to impute income to a non-working spouse, where that spouse is capable of employment.

Additionally, child support is not permanent in nature. That is, the amount of child support may be modifiable based on changes in circumstances concerning the parties salaries, the needs of the child, unanticipated medical bills, or other substantial changes.

The Law Offices of Randy Kaye Garvey, P.A. can help you with these and other issues (within our areas of practice) that you may have.